The Third Son of Rome T01 - Martius (BD)

Romulus and remus founded Rome. But if a third son of Rome had seen the light of day in the greatest secrecy, how would the fate of Rome have been affected? This is the plot offered by a promising new comic planned in five opuses.

Third thief

We know the legend of the birth of Rome, founded by the twins Romulus and Remus, fruits of the union between Mars and the vestal Rhéa Silvia, saved from the Tiber and raised by a wolf. But it is not known that a third child was born from the forced union between Rhea and Amulius. This third son of Rome and his supporters, at the origin of a secret order, will forever influence and change the history of Rome.

Between mythology and history

Brilliantly produced in terms of graphics and script, this first volume is skilfully served by a credible fictional framework because it is very well documented. Multiple historical references and the intervention of famous characters reinforce this good impression. Each volume will be devoted to a precise period and to the great figures who relate to it, from Martius to Marc-Antoine and Cleopatra via Sylla and Pompey ... We wish this new saga the same success as that of the "Third Testament ".

The Third Son of Rome T01 - Martius, by Stéphane Paitreau (Author), Laurent Moenard (Author), Stefano Martino (Illustrations). Editions Soleil, January 2018.

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