Popes in history - new comic book

Popes in history - new comic book

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Since the beginnings of Christianity organized as a church, no less than 266 popes have occupied the throne of Saint Peter, the first bishop of Rome. If some are forgotten by history, many are those who marked their time, not always for their spiritual commitment. This month, Glénat editions are launching the first two volumes of a new collection of comics devoted to popes who made history.

Men of power and influence, diplomats, negotiators, warlords and spiritual leaders

From antiquity to the present day, passing through the Middle Ages and the modern period, the great popes have always been, both by their religious authority and their political position, central figures in Europe, actors or witnesses of historical events without previous. The New Testament, the barbarian invasions, the Crusades, the Templars, the religious wars, the great schisms, the Cathars, heresy, the Renaissance, the revolutions, the great discoveries, the Napoleonic wars, Freemasonry, the communism, Nazism, international crises ...

So many key momenys that the collection “A Pope in History” invites you to rediscover through the prism of the great popes, in comic books skilfully mixing adventures, intrigues and historical details, augmented by 8-page documentary notebooks .

Saint Peter: to die for convictions

Rome, 64 AD. A fire ravages the ancient city. And while the flames are reflected in his eyes, Nero, the bloodthirsty emperor, on the heights of his palace, plays the harp. If the tragic legend has never been truly accredited, we know with certainty on the other hand that he used this drama to launch a real hunt for Christians. Hundreds of them are arrested, tortured, massacred. Among the tortured, the most famous of the apostles of Christ. The one who will become the symbol of the Church and whom Jesus had designated as the Rock on which he would build it: Peter.

This story is that of his agony in the circus of Nero. These painful hours which precede his death and during which he remembers this incredible life alongside this Messiah whom he loved so much despite the doubt that constantly gnawed at him and pushed him to deny him three times. Saint Peter and Nero: two figures forever associated in the tumult of the first century of the Christian era.

Leo the Great: obstructing barbarian invasions

In the 5th century CE, Pope Leo the Great, who rules firmly over his flock as the Roman Empire crumbles and crumbles, is a central figure in the papacy. Imposing tradition with strength and determination, he helps to structure the Church and imposes the choice of Rome as the incontestable seat of Christianity. His sermons, his letters, are still consulted today and remain a reference. As such, Leon is one of the fathers of the Church. But even more, when the people of Rome find themselves disarmed in the face of the barbarian advance, while the emperor is incompetent or even has fled, Leon will face both Attila and his horde of huns, as Genséric, the terrible vandal leader. ... The empire collapsing, the Pope remains the only power from which the Romans, terrified, seek refuge.

Saint Peter: A Threat to the Roman Empire, by Bernard Lecomte (Author), Pat Perna (Author), Marc Jailloux (Illustrations). Glénat, April 2019.

Léon le Grand: Défier Attila, by Bernard Lecomte (Author), France Richemond (Author), Stefano Carloni (Illustrations). Glénat, April 2019.

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