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Why did Pharaoh raze the fortress of El Koumma? What is the real origin of the Grail myth? Why did the Pope exterminate the Cathars? What was the reason for Nostradamus' trip to Italy? What was the cause of the defeat of the Invincible Armada? What was Bonaparte's real goal during the Egyptian campaign? Who were the angels of Mons, who appeared on the front lines or at the start of the war in 1914? Discover, with The Secret History, the identity, the motivations and the instruments of the true masters of humanity: the Archons.


At the end of the Neolithic period, 3000 years before our era, a shaman confided to four brothers and sisters four ivory cards each possessing immense power. They must not fall into the hands of the enemy, they must not be used together and most importantly, they must not rule their hearts. Through more than 3000 years of history, Dyo, Reka, Aker and Erlin will act in the shadows and influence with their cards, major events from the Exodus until WWII. They quickly understand that maps allow you to act on time and the elements. All the historical facts that we know, are in fact only a reflection of the fratricidal struggle between the four Archons. But that's without counting the appearance of other players who change the game and the rules of the game.

Our opinion

The Secret History tackles with varying degrees of success, different historical facts to rewrite their origin on the basis of a "magic plot". The principle is relatively simple, the great events of history that we know were in fact inspired, ordered or carried out by the archons or their disciples, in the confrontation which opposed them since the dawn of time.

This is how this series, of which 17 volumes have already been released and five new volumes announced, plunges us among other things into ancient Egypt, the Crusades, the Cathars, the rebirth, the conquest of Egypt by Napoleon, the first and the Second World War.

While the idea is appealing, the different volumes are very uneven and the story quickly turns in circles with twists and turns that would perplex even the youngest readers. In short, we get tired of this pseudo-esoteric river saga quite quickly (between 2 and 5 volumes released per year!), Where when we believe that this is the last volume, we are told of others in preparation. … However, we let ourselves be seduced by certain volumes and certain aspects of the scenario, despite an often uneven, imprecise design and awkward framing (apart from volume 3 to 5 where other designers have intervened). If the main characters had had more charisma and the storyline more readability, the series would have gained in depth


Delcourt editions

Screenplay: Jean-Pierre Pécau

Drawings: Igor Kordey (volumes 1-2 and 6-17), Goran Sudzuka and Geto (volume 3), Léo Pilipovic (volumes 4 and 5)

Colors: Carole Beau (volumes 1 to 7), Isabelle Rabarot (volumes 3 and 6), Fabrys (volumes 5 and 7), Chris Chucky (volumes 8 to 11), Len O'Grady (volumes 12 to 17)

Find all the episodes of The Secret History in store.

1-Genesis (2005)

2-The Castle of the Djinns (2005)

3-The Grail of Montségur (2006)

4-The Keys of Saint Peter (2006)

5-1666 (2006)

6-The Eagle and the Sphinx (2006)

7-Our Lady of Darkness (2006)

8-The 7 Pillars of Wisdom (2007)

9-The Thule Lodge (2007)

10-The Black Stone (2008)

11-Nadja (2008)

12-Lucky Point (2008)

13-Twilight of the Gods (2008)

14-The Watchers (2009)

15-The Amber Room (2009)

16-Sion (2009)

17-Operation Kadesh (2010)

18-The Age of Aquarius (forthcoming)

19-La Fin de Camelot (forthcoming)

20-The Water Gate (forthcoming)

21-The King of the World (forthcoming)

22-Absynthe (forthcoming)

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